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There is nothing like a good book, and truly nothing compares to the gravitas of a classic text. Our collection of antique books make excellent gifts, and stunning additions to the artistry of your home. All of our venerable works of literary magnificence are well-preserved and have an unmatched, elegant charm. From leather-bound encyclopedias to lusciously weathered fiction classics, you’ll find exactly what you need to fill your tall bookshelves or to rest on a coffee table. These books are beautiful, extraordinary, and are rich with history. We are fully-stocked in biographies and autobiographies, fiction and non-fiction, and a variety of genres such as mystery, crime, history, humour, philosophy, science, adventure, and travel. Our vast library includes hardcovers, paperbacks, vintage magazines, notable newspapers, and so much more. We cordially invite you to peruse our stunning selections when Truffledigger's online shop opens on March 31st, 2014.