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Learn the Ropes by AM Authentic Models

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Learn the Ropes by AM Authentic Models

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Knowing a couple of decent knots by heart-comes in handy. Sailors had to Learn the Ropes. Many kids love to experiment and actually see for themselves how knots made perfect practical sense.

It’s like hearing weathered old-time deck-hands telling yarns, sharing their special secrets. To make a ship inside a bottle, to learn the ropes, how to best send a message in a bottle. Where will the currents take it… Yokohama? Zanzibar? So many stories. Uniquely conceived and packaged. Both gift and craft, educational and whimsical. Rare fun in attractive and intriguing boxes. Easy to learn and enjoy. For inquisitive minds… and keeps them busy for hours at a time.

Instructions in english, german and french.

Dimensions 13,75 x 11,75 x 2,5 cm
More Information
This is a rather simple yet elegant play set which will not only give your kid a lot of hours of entertainment, but it will also teach him or her some rather valuable knowledge about knots and tying them. Independence, self-improvement, self-sufficiency, self-confidence, these words are being thrown left and right a lot these days, and for good reason. This is what you should aspire for your child. Remember, the best adult is the adult that does not have to rely on anyone other than himself or herself, and there is a dramatic shortage of ways in which to do that. The secret is to star at a young age, through the toys that fall into your child’s hand. Instead of all the commercial and mind numbing toys currently overhyped and promoted on the market, the more educational and more imaginative toys win out overall in this department. However there is a type of toy that wins out overall, but it is so rare that it is actually considered extinct, I am talking about skill toys, the toys that will help your youngster learn a new skill in a rather entertaining way. Learn the Ropes is one of these toys, and it will help your kid learn the skill of tying knots as well as some of the most used and important knots that are out there. Don’t get the wrong idea, Learn the Ropes will help your kid a lot, however it will do so on a subconscious level, boosting his or her confidence and giving your kid a little more self-sufficiency and a little more independence knowing that he or she possesses a skill that is getting rarer with each passing day. Another aspect that you may find interesting is the fact that by learning how to tie a multitude of knots properly, your kid is actually getting a lot more options than before. I am not talking about job offers, I am not talking about pathways in life, I am talking about a hobby, an occupation, something that at one point in time can be exploited by your kid and even something to more or less pass down, and all that from a simple play set that your kid received during his or her childhood.
size 13.75x11.75x2.5cm
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