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Mariner's Compass by AM Authentic Models

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Mariner's Compass by AM Authentic Models

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About this product
An explorer's priority, direction…where will the compass lead?

It’s like hearing weathered old-time deck-hands telling yarns, sharing their special secrets. To make a ship inside a bottle, to learn the ropes, how to best send a message in a bottle. Where will the currents take it… Yokohama? Zanzibar? So many stories. Uniquely conceived and packaged. Both gift and craft, educational and whimsical. Rare fun in attractive and intriguing boxes. Easy to learn and enjoy. For inquisitive minds… and keeps them busy for hours at a time.

Instructions in english, german and french.

• Weight 50g
• Dimensions 9,9 x 9,9 x 3 cm
More Information
A nice and neat little set that will help your child a lot. Even though it might look like a toy, it is actually a rather powerful educational toy and tool which will help your kid a lot. Education is a subject that most people are not brave enough to actually discuss or try to improve themselves. The reason for that is the fact that a single mistake made in the early to mid-stages of education, regardless of how big or how small it actually is, can have some dire and drastic consequences, so it’s basically like walking into a minefield blindfolded and the only tool you have at your disposal is a giant magnet. It is quite understandable why people prefer to let other people handle education, even though it is mostly to have someone to blame in the future other than themselves, however there are a few things that you, as a parent, can do in order to help your kid out. At a young age, a great and at the same time safe way of stimulating one’s intellect is through his or her own imagination. The Mariner’s compass is great for this because not only does it teach the kid some rather basic and at the same time vital things regarding spatial orientation, but also because of the fact that it is done in an 18th or 19th century style, with not that many details, only colors, some borders and text. It might seem crude and outdated at first sight however do keep in mind that the information present on it is actually accurate and complete, so it is up to date, it’s just the retro design that keeps popping in front of you, and for good reason too. The whole idea behind this retro design is to stimulate young minds to imagine and learn while not only having fun, but also working on certain areas of the kid’s personality that will help him or her in life. It is quite nice to see the retro designs return into current education, however do remember that not all the retro designs are helpful. It just so happens that the Mariner’s Compass is a helpful tool, and it is advised to use this neat little thing at its full potential.
size 9.5x10x3cm
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