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Oyuna Cashmere Shawl Duette

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Oyuna Cashmere Shawl Duette

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100% cashmere
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About this product
Knitted shawl in 'half and half' hues.

The two-toned shawl is the piece of garment that can do wonders for your entire wardrobe. It can be used in a large number of ways and can successfully survive the punishing weather that you may find yourself facing.

• 100% Cashmere Duets
• Herringbone scarf
• Two-tone beige and light grey
• Very fine and soft structure
• Size: 200 cm x 70 cm / 78” x 27”
• Weight: 220 g

More Information
Sometimes, the simplest of things have the strongest of impacts. Indeed at first glance, you’d think that a two-toned shawl would be hard to match to existing outfits, or that you may have to make some serious adjustments to your outfits in order to fit that color scheme in. You would be right, if the colors were form different sides of the chromatic circle, however this two-tone is split into beige and soft grey tones, making it incredibly easy to match with outfits. First of all, it is a shawl, which means that it is made to accentuate and compliment a presence and an outfit. Second, it actually manages to keep you warm and protected from the wind and other weather inconveniences. It is made out of cashmere wool, making it incredibly comfortable and soft to the touch. It’s lightweight and nimble, so wearing it will be a comfortable experience, and you’ll easily forget that it is even on you, rather than constantly adjusting it. The greatest thing about it is the two-tone look. That subtle yet elegant combination of beige and soft grey that really makes is special. It not only feels comfortable and cozy, but it also looks the part, enhancing each and every one of the outfits that you chose to wear it with and making them look a lot more cozier and comfortable. It also makes you, the wearer, look more relaxed and confident, giving you that special allure that will make you stand out and really get the attention that you deserve. This is one of those very few garments that can actually be worn with pride because even though you look your best, you will also feel as best as you can, without having to worry about the wind, the cold temperature, or if it will cope with the surroundings. It is in fact the shawl that can turn a lot of heads when used with the right outfits, and no matter what the occasion, no matter the setting, it will always keep you warm and looking as elegant as you can, and when you arrive home and relax after an event, you will know that it was the shawl that made you look your best and turn all the heads that you wanted to turn.
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