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Philipp Rudolph Lamp Liquid

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Philipp Rudolph Lamp Liquid

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About this product
Elegant. Radical. Irritating beautiful.

The light objects of Philip Rudolph do not want to simply please the audience.
They want to attract attention, provoke and tell stories. With a feel for aesthetics and a creative zest, Philip Rudolph refines long-forgotten treasures from basements and attics into handcrafted design objects. Each piece is unique. So toy cars, deer antlers and Barbie dolls are transformed by a revolutionary form of upcycling into art objects. Always new, always wild, always unique.

• Lampstand: Berry
• Lampshade: Black
• Height approx 79 cm, diameter 35 cm
• Weight: about 2 kg
More Information
What you are witnessing here is much more than a lamp, it is actually a work of art, a dance between fantasy and reality, the vision and the skill of the artist complementing it and giving it the life that no other pair of hands would be able to give it. First off, right off the bat, the color is the one that strikes you, and with the most powerful of impacts as well. That magnificent shade of purple, combined with the black lampshade, is easy to match up to most of the possible interior designs that it might end up being used in. Second, is the thing that you notice when you get up close and personal, something that you can see from a far but you cannot actually make out what you are looking at. I am talking of course about the rather fine details and the intricate shapes and contours that the lamp offers. Pay close attention to it and examine it thoroughly and knights, dragons, fairies and demons will come to life before your eyes. That’s right, it’s overall theme is fantasy and fantasy wars, so unlike all the other fantasy themed items you might find, this one actually depicts a battle that can usually be found in big budget blockbuster Hollywood fantasy films. This is the sort of lamp that inspires you, and the fact that each and every time you look at it you find something new is more like an added bonus to the overall features of this magnificent masterpiece. This is indeed a work of art, and you can tell that the sculptor actually put his effort and talent into making this exquisite piece, and if placed right and taken care of properly, you will have an outstanding light fixture which will attract the attention of each and every one that passes by it and will always be a good conversation starter.
size 79cm x 35cm
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