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Philipp Rudolph Lamp Roaaar

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Philipp Rudolph Lamp Roaaar

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About this product
Elegant. Radical. Irritating beautiful.

The light objects of Philip Rudolph do not want to simply please the audience.
They want to attract attention, provoke and tell stories. With a feel for aesthetics and a creative zest, Philip Rudolph refines long-forgotten treasures from basements and attics into handcrafted design objects. Each piece is unique. So toy cars, deer antlers and Barbie dolls are transformed by a revolutionary form of upcycling into art objects. Always new, always wild, always unique.

• Lampstand: Mother of Pearl
• Lampshade: White
• Height approx 54 cm, diameter 35 cm
• Weight: about 2 kg
More Information
What do you think about when you hear the word “Roar”? A roar is a primal expression of dominance, used often by the subjects of the animal kingdom to warn others that that is their territory and that trespassers will not be taken lightly. It is a vibrant and at the same time powerful expression of power, strength and dominance. Take the lions for instance, their roar is their most important skill, and they spend their entire life perfecting it, not to mention the fact that a lion’s roar can be heard over miles and miles. This is the power of a proper roar, and this is also the reason why this lamp has been named Roaaar. It expresses power, domination, and pure unbridled primal wrath, in its most crudest of forms, the reptile. Indeed those are lizards, many different species and types, all of them serving a purpose and a role, to overpower and subdue. Reptiles are the real strongmen of nature, and some species like crocodiles managed to stay unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs. Reptiles are amazing, and their tenacity, adaptability and versatility are what power the evolution process forward. They can survive and thrive where no other life form can, in even the harshest of environments, like deserts and on mountain peaks, and their power is testament to the Roaaar. Another thing that is immediately noticed about this lamp is its crude and simple finish. No gloss, no sparking details, not a single drop of visual comfort in it. Just like strength and power, nothing fancy about them, at the same time nothing pleasant about them either. Just the pure untamed power, without any regard to beauty. This is not a lamp to be thought over, nor is it a piece meant to inspire you, but rather to give you the feeling of power, of unbridled strength, without any of the sparkles and sprinkles that usually comes with art.
size 54cm x 35xm
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