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  1. Soap Holder Hand
    €45.00 €37.82
  2. Alpaka Plaid Exclusive Fishbone
    As low as €235.00 €197.48
  3. Kurzzug City-Bag
    Back in stock soon
    €375.00 €315.13
  4. African Beaded Clay Head Sculpture Red
    Back in stock soon
    €59.00 €49.58
  5. Candle in a Glass Big Beige
    Back in stock soon
    €14.00 €11.76
  6. Kelim Moroccan Rug Blue
    €360.00 €302.52
  7. Lobmeyr Beer Mug Small
    €78.00 €65.55
  8. Cocktail Shaker Bell
    €174.00 €146.22
  9. Monica Drossbach Silk Sarong
    As low as €219.00 €184.03
  10. Ceramic Box Set
    As low as €68.00 €57.14
  11. Wind Lantern Small
    €29.00 €24.37
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There is no style quite like Trufflestyle

What is style?

Style is what defines your entire life. Your environment, your mood, your surroundings, the people you associate yourself with, the changes that you make, your workspace, your job, your hobbies, your passion, your dreams, your goals, your aspirations, your expectations, all that and a lot more things are defined by one thing and one thing only, your style.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not some grand esoteric level of existence, it is rather the way in which you choose not only to live your life but to decorate it as well, giving you not only your unique identity as an individual, but also the overall impressions and vibes that you allow other people to make and get of you.

Trufflestyle stands to challenge everything that we know about conventional styles, putting to the test not only our entire perception of our styles, but also the way in which other people think, feel and respond to our general styles.

The tools

Truffledigger is able to provide you with everything that you need, and then some, in order to define and implement your trufflestyle lifestyle, without actually having to worry about it. What it relies on is the old, combined with the new.

It might seem a bit farfetched, however the main idea behind all the products listed on this page is combining the old design with new products. The old faces on new bodies.

The sky is the limit when it comes to this general concept because it can be applied to virtually anything and everything at the same time. From fire extinguishers to outfits, to toys and even travel kits, the selection is so wide and varied that you will never run out of ideas and you will never find yourself in a dead end imagination-wise.

Charm, simplicity and powerfull impressions

This is what Trufflestyle is all about, a delicate yet impressive balance between these 3 elements, not to mention the fact that the overall result will do nothing less than impress and inspire each and every person that admires it.

Indeed, some of the items that you find on this website may strike you as rather weird or a bit out of place, however if you look at the bigger picture, or if you take 2 steps back and look at the entire situation as a whole, you will realize that these items are exactly what you need in order to not only form the style that is right for you, but also the style that will define and chisel the rest of your life.

The influence that Trufflestyle will have on various other aspects of your life is breathtaking. It will inspire you to create, encourage you to evolve, and force you to ask questions that you would of have never asked in the past in order to find solutions to problems that would of have stopped you in your tracks, all that while constantly being reminded about the marvelous designs of ages past, and the beauty and elegance that they are able to bring to the table.