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raum12 Table Lamp "LEO"
raum12 Table Lamp "LEO" raum12 Table Lamp "LEO" raum12 Table Lamp "LEO"
Cushion No 38 by Vox Populi

Cushion No 38 by Vox Populi

raum12 Pendant Luminaire

raum12 Pendant Luminaire "SAM"

raum12 Table Lamp "LEO"

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raum12 Table Lamp "LEO" of Birch Wood Veneer Noble birch veneer polished wafer-thin, treated with natural oil and lit with LED light. The large surface veneer spreads an intimate, warm light, which creates a feel-good place of any room. The heavy stainless steel base, coated with the natural material linoleum, serves as a solid base for veneer cylinder, supported by two thin carbon rods. The design and construction are focused on the screening of hand selected wood veneers. Nature determines the design. The base of each lamp is the special veneer, whether wild and exciting or calm and gentle grain structures, each sheet of veneer is unique. The fascination of the light is not the form but the grain of the veneer. These lights originate in handwork by the hand-rolled stainless steel base and stainless steel versions up to the screened tube made of real wood veneers. Notes to the product: • cracks, inclusions, and short shot in the veneer are created by nature and typical feature of the light and no defects. • Wood is a living material and will darken slightly over time. This is a completely normal development and will show the structures in the wood even more intensely. Care instructions: For a long life and the preservation of the natural wood veneer, we recommend only dry cleaning with a clean, lint-free cloth or feather duster. Liquid detergent would deform the wood ugly. The stainless steel parts should be cleaned with a special stainless steel cleaner, eg. INOX KLEEN clean. The plastic cover should be cleaned only with plastic cleaner or lukewarm water with a squirt of dishwashing liquid. The veneer lamp should be placed at a safe distance from open flames. LED included. Height: 390 mm Height lamp shade: 170 mm Lamp shade diameter: 160 mm Weigth: ca. 0,6 kg Bulb: LED energy efficiency class A Color temperature: 2700 K warm white
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