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Saami Crafts Leather Bracelet Brown
Saami Crafts Leather Bracelet Brown Saami Crafts Leather Bracelet Brown Saami Crafts Leather Bracelet Brown
Saami Crafts Leather Bracelet Grey

Saami Crafts Leather Bracelet Grey

Saami Crafts Leather Bracelet Brown

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Saami Leather Bracelet with a Pewter Thread and Leather Cord Jewelery with Scandinavian Soul Exclusive, high-quality jewelery, carefully hand-crafted according to the tradition of the Saami people. This leather jewelery is the perfect blend of past, present and future - with contemporary takes on traditional braiding and basic materials, including vegetable-tanned reindeer leather, reindeer horn, and thread made from a tin and 4 % silver alloy. A centuries’ old tradition The inspiration to this exclusive, modern, and original jewelery comes from the Scandinavia’s indigenous population, the Saami – the people of the sun and the wind – and is based on centuries’ old skills. Each and every piece is unique, and lovingly hand-crafted. Natural beauty Each and every item of this jewelery is one of a kind – not least thanks to the natural materials they’re made from. The animal skins bear distinctive scars and are tanned with the bark of birch, willow, and fir trees. The fastenings of reindeer horn with unique marks and grains ensure that no two pieces are the same; and thread made from silver-tin alloy that develops a distinctive patina with the passing of time – gives each piece an individual character. Care instructions All leather used is extremely durable. However, it should be treated with care and frequent submersion in water should be avoided. Please do not wear in the shower. The leather should be carefully air dried in the event it becomes wet. Note to allergy sufferers: All items are free of chrome and nickel. The fastening is somewhat tight at the beginning, but slackens after a few times of opening and closing. The length of the bracelet is measured without the loop. Add 0,5 cm to the wrist measurement for a snug fit or 1 to 1,5 cm for a looser fit. Width: ca. 1,3 cm
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