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L.G.R Naivasha white

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L.G.R Naivasha white

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About this product
L.G.R eyewear is entirely handmade in Italy by expert artisans, who build each frame from start to finish using traditional methods of production for a resistant and long lasting product. Due to the composition of cellulose acetate they can bend to adapt shape without heating. Once assembled, the frames undergo a tumbling process of beech and birch wood to prepare them for the final step, which is polishing by hand. With the blend of traditional Italian methods of craftsmanship, lens technology, and a history that dates back to colonial Africa, L.G.R has created a genuine product where virtues from the past are transmitted into contemporary eyewear.

• Woman Collection
• Frames in white, glasses in sunbrown
• Diameter of lens: 54 mm, Bridge: 18 mm, Temple: 145 mm
• Frames: Handmade in Italy
• Flexible adjustable side straps
• Tempered mineral glass, made and fitted by Barberini
• 100% UV protection, IR protection
• Anti–scratch and impact resistant
• Supplied with high quality lens cloth and hard case of L.G.R.
More Information
A pair of sunglasses conceived and constructed with leisure in mind, they are able to deliver where a lot of sunglasses are unable to reach. Combining both relaxation usefulness, these sunglasses are able to ensure total relaxation for your eyes, while maintaining the maximum amount of sex appeal and fashion sense. These sunglasses come as no surprise to us, and frankly, truth be told, we actually needed these sunglasses to appear sooner or later on the market. The reason behind this argument is the fact that we, as human being, rely on such accessories to enrich and accentuate our elegant wardrobes, the outfits we sport when dealing with elegant settings and high class functions, and by doing so, we forget a rather important aspect of our lives, which is relaxation. Indeed this is what these sunglasses are for, and when you are on vacation, relaxing and enjoying yourself, away from the stress and hassle, these sunglasses will be able to not only properly protect you, but also match to your leisure outfits and relaxing attire. The white modern frame is made in such a way that makes it perfect for matching with swimsuits, shopping attires and various other outfits that you dawn when you go out and have some fun. The molecular composition of the frame is properly arranged in order to make it as strong and as durable as possible, ensuring that the sunglasses are both impact resistant and scratch resistant. The same goes for the lenses, and when you look at them closely you will notice 2 great differences between these sunglasses and regular ones. First off, the image does not get warped, and that is because of the way in which the lenses are treated prior to being mounted on the frame. They hold their structural soundness and are unable to warp, therefor the image that you see is not skewed like with regular sunglasses. Second, you will be able to see your entire environment without being pestered by the light. This is because of the fact that these lenses are constructed similar to the filtering lenses of film cameras, which rather than block out the light, they simply rework and modify it, making it a rather soothing experience for the eyes rather than straining them. These are also among the very few pairs of sunglasses that are actually recommended for driving because of the fact that the driver is able to clearly see the surroundings while not being bothered by the light.
size 54-18
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