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SuperDuper Hat Elettra

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SuperDuper Hat Elettra

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100% straw
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About this product
SuperDuper was born out of a fun-loving passion after the discovery of a unique wooden hat blocker.
Since the very beginning the beauty of this object, so carefully carved, went together with love for the hat, an irreplaceable icon of style.

Every SuperDuper hat exists thanks to several hours spent to transform high quality raw material into an authentic handcraft product and is a creative jewel inspired by the suggestion of the moment. It is the handmade result of a traditional process, almost totally lost in the chaos of mass production nowadays.

• Panama Straw Hat
• Colour: Yellow
• Size: 58 cm head-circumference
• 100% handmade in Italy
More Information
A simple yet stylish hat, designed with elegance and presentation in mind, making the wearer able to create a rather good first impression without actually having to talk to anyone. We’ve all heard the expression “electric atmosphere”, and we’ve all learned in a rather rapid succession of events what that expression actually refers to. In order to successfully establish yourself as an electrifying presence, you have to make the right first impression, create that special atmosphere around you and most of all, appear to be in tone with your surroundings. This is easier said than done on multiple occasions, and let’s face it, achieving this goal requires a lot of careful planning and sorting. Your outfit must be nothing less than perfect. This is where the Elettra comes into play. It’s much more than a hat, it’s that accessory that completes and compliments your attire in the perfect way. It’s like looking at a work of art, and finding that one special element that makes it stand out and earn the title of “work of art”. Admiring it from afar might be a pleasant experience, but seeing it up close and personal is a completely different one, granting the viewer the satisfaction of meeting the person wearing it and making an impression regarding it. Indeed, the Elettra is a fashion statement, and it is considered by a lot of people to be the perfect hat for those rather tricky occasion or events where you are simply not allowed to make a single mistake. Its grace and elegance allows the wearer to stand out, even in the most elegant of settings, and draw attention to herself in a great way.
size 58
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