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Taylor of Old Bond Street Luxury Sandalwood Deodorant Stick

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Taylor of Old Bond Street Luxury Sandalwood Deodorant Stick

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About this product
A True Luxury Gentleman’s Deodorant Stick available in Sandalwood

• Sandalwood Deodorant Sticks 75ml
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This is a deodorant stick for men, designed to fight against the potent smell of sweat and other things that the human armpit can throw at us. Sweat is one of the basic and most important lines of defense that the human body has. It is perfect for those hot days and hot environments because of the fact that it cools the skin, not to mention the fact that it also acts out against fever, cooling the body from the outside and it also acts as a detoxifier, helping the body eliminate those nasty toxins through the skin. The bad news is that sweat does 3 major things that make it overall bad. It starts to emit an unpleasant odor, it attracts dirt and it leaves us relatively sticky and oily. The armpit is the place where the bad things really happen, and it is there that the sweat really leaves a pungent odor. In order to fight against this odor, we, the gentlemen of this world, have at our disposal the Sandalwood deodorant stick. A deodorant stick powerful enough to stop the smell of sweat in its tracks while treating the skin and preventing it from chafing. It leaves behind a nice masculine yet clean smell, giving you that extra elegant presence, and that extra strong protection against the odor emitted by sweat.
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