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Togetherness by Patrick Mumba - stArt Foundation

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Togetherness by Patrick Mumba - stArt Foundation

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An abstract vision by Patrick Mumba

Patrick Mumba was born in 1961 in the Northern Province of Zambia. In 1985 Patrick successfully completed the three year Art Teachers Diploma at Evelyn Hone College of applied arts and commerce. From 1986-89 Patrick taught art at Kamwala Secondary School in Lusaka. 1990 saw Patrick joining the Slade School of Fine Art and 1994 he graduated with an honours degree in Fine Art from the University of London.
During his stay in London, Patrick had several one-man and group exhibitions in Europe and America. Since returning to Zambia he has held the Head of Education Department at Evelyn Hone College, being in charge of the Arts and Social Sciences. He has also been the chairperson for Mbile International Artists’ Workshops as well as Zambia National Visual Arts Council.
Most of Patrick’s paintings are in Private and Public Collections in Zambia and abroad. Patrick has been awarded a council scholarship to study for his Master’s Degree in Fine Art at Rhodes University in South Africa in 2014.

• Created: 1997
• Acrylic on canvas
• Width: 1.15m x Height: 1.74m

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This painting is one that expresses hope, reassurance and the unwavering resolve of the few that still hope and will still dream of a better world. What do people long for? Unity, love, camaraderie, holding hands and working together to build a better world, where peace and harmony reign supreme, and the human condition constantly improves. Sadly though, most of the time that is not the case. The very human nature prohibits that very dream from coming true. Wars, famine, brutes, terror, religion, they are all tools designed to crush the human spirit and make us turn on one another. Brother fighting not alongside, but against his own brother, and inventions made to bring people together, converted and perverted into weapons of mass destruction. This is the reality in which we live, where brutes rise to power by use of lies and shady tactics, where terror is used in order to control a population, where we send your young ones to die for a barrel of oil, and where we are deprived by all human emotion. Despair not, for where there is a will, there is a way, what we face now is only the passing of human greed, and like every other storm that we have faced, it will pass. It will leave everything in ruins, however it will leave a few of us alive, the ones that are untainted, the ones that still hope and dream, the ones that have seen the horror of war, the cold cleverness, and the hatred that has plagued us over the years and will refuse to rest until these things are forgotten and forever denied. This will not happen in our life time, nor in our children’s life time, however someday, somewhere, sometime, someone will rise up and say “NO!” and he will not be alone. Slowly but surely, through fire and bloodshed, through horror and pain, things will change, and humanity will once again become human. This is what this painting is about, and this is the message that it is trying to put through, you just have to listen for it.
size 115cm x 174cm
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