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Oyuna Cashmere Throw Travel-Set Toscani Taupe

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Oyuna Cashmere Throw Travel-Set Toscani Taupe

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100% cashmere
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About this product
This cashmere blanket is light and with a floating quality to it. The edge is trimmed in a different colour.
The cashmere throw is traveling with well-designed accessories: A soft leather belt can be used both for carrying the throw as well as using it as a belt. The Mongolian designer Oyuna has placed great emphasis on the creation of a wide range of travel accessories. You can use the throw not only as a warm manta, but also as a scarf or wrap.
The high quality material ensures a long lifespan. Cashmere prevents nodule formation, which is common in ordinary wool products. Whether as a wrap, bedspread, or shawl, the cuddly cashmere blanket is an accessory for every season.
This blanket is made from the finest Mongolian cashmere provided from London based Oyuna.

• 100 % Cashmere
• Fluffy and noble feel
• Versatile use
• Size: 180 x 120cm / 70" x 47"
• Weight: 580g
• Colors available: Charcoal or Taupe
More Information
The Toscani Throw is a valuable clothing item which is able to provide both the simplicity and elegance required to be matched to most of the outfits in your wardrobe and the warmth and protection that you need against the chilling elements, combining both of these elements in order to deliver the very best of both worlds. There are very few ways in which we can find the simplest ways of keeping warm and looking our best. On one hand, you need that warmth that keeps you going and protects you from the harsh elements, but on the other hand, you need that stylish look that compliments your outfit, your physique, your very own style. Indeed this is one of the hardest things do, and the way garments are designed today, you will most likely have to choose between one or the other. There is, however, another way to look at things, and you will find that you are indeed able to get the best of both worlds neatly packed into a great Toscani Throw Taupe. The Toscani Throw Taupe is able to combine these 2 vital aspects and deliver that magical garment that manages to both keep you warm and looking your best regardless of the outfit you choose to wear it with. It is said that you look as good as you feel while wearing your clothes, and in order to ensure that you, the wearer, are looking your very best, the creators of the Toscani Throw Taupe went all out and did the very best that they could in order to make sure that it protect you and gives you that warm comfortable feeling of security. It’s like being wrapped in a silky smooth blanket, like the ones that you had when you were a child, and slowly but surely, the same feeling of security and safety develops, and as you stand there soaking the warmth, you can’t help but relax and let yourself get carried away on a cloud of warmth and comfort. When you look at the fashionable aspect of the Toscani Throw Taupe, the very first thing that you will notice is the fact that it is made and designed in a relatively simple manner. It manages to convey elegance and sophistication, even though at first glance it looks as simple as it can get. This is done so in order to make sure that the Toscani Throw Taupe is able to match with most of the outfits that you can bring to the table. It is through this simplicity and elegance that the Toscani Throw Taupe manages to deliver the best of both separate worlds.
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