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Traveler's World Globe in Box by AM Authentic Models

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Traveler's World Globe in Box by AM Authentic Models

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About this product
A fun entry into geography, exciting destinations, the world goes round

It’s like hearing weathered old-time deck-hands telling yarns, sharing their special secrets. To make a ship inside a bottle, to learn the ropes, how to best send a message in a bottle. Where will the currents take it… Yokohama? Zanzibar? So many stories. Uniquely conceived and packaged. Both gift and craft, educational and whimsical. Rare fun in attractive and intriguing boxes. Easy to learn and enjoy. For inquisitive minds… and keeps them busy for hours at a time.

Instructions in english, german and french.

• Weight 133g
• Dimensions 10 x 8.8 cm
More Information
The Traveler’s World Globe in a Box is a rather nimble and elegant educational toy designed and manufactured to aid in the education of children while offering a dose of entertainment to go along with it. How important is imagination for a child’s development? A lot, and I do mean it without any kind of exaggeration. If your child is unable to soar on the wings of his or her own imagination, then something went horribly wrong. But how is imagination helping your child exactly? When you can dream, when you can imagine, when you can shatter the bonds of this reality, even for a short period of time, then you can accomplish anything. That is what imagination does, it helps the little ones see things clearly, from more than one angle, create things without having to move a finger, explore and ask questions to which only they can find the answer, that is how powerful imagination really is. There is, however, a way in which you can influence the imagination of your child in order to better prepare him or her for the world, and that way is also known as “educational toys”. These toys, besides the fact that they are a lot of fun to play with, they also help your child learn more about the world and better prepare himself or herself for later on in life. Traveler’s World Globe in a Box tends to help out in this field a lot. This is a bit more than just a mere globe, it is designed and manufactured in the same way as globes from the 18th and 19th century. Don’t get me wrong, these globes are 100% accurate, however they lack the sparkles and the overburdening signs and details that tend to rob the children of their chance to imagine how that particular stretch of land looks like. It is nimble, it is portable, and it is able to provide a lot of hours of entertainment for your little one, while at the same time teaching him or her a few important lessons about the world that we live in.
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