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Oyuna Cashmere Throw Uno Blue

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Oyuna Cashmere Throw Uno Blue

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100% cashmere
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About this product
A timeless mainstay of the collection, cashmere purists are drawn to its supreme softness and natural-brushed finish.

• 100% Cashmere
• Natural and soft brushed finish
• Compactly foldable
• Size: 200cm x 145 cm / 78” x 57”
• Weight: 720g
• Colours available: Orange, Blue, Melange
More Information
The Uno Throw is a very nimble and adaptable cashmere blanket that can easily compliment both your wardrobe and yourself, create the best impression and sense of fashion, while providing the warmth that keeps you in a stable comfort zone throughout the day. There are many ways in which we can describe the Uno Throw Blue, and there are a lot of things that are worth saying about it, however there are only a handful of things that really matter. Just try and envision yourself in a romantic scene, by the fire, holding your loved one in your arms, and while the gentle snowstorm taps the cabin glass window, the both of you are wrapped into your Uno Throw Blue, enjoying the romantic moment and the warmth that surrounds you. Indeed the Uno Throw is a great garment, and it can easily meet a lot of demands and satisfy a lot of needs, however most people don’t stop and think about the private settings. This is where the Uno Throw Blue shines, and that is mostly due to the color in which it comes. That ultramarine blue is a color that fits perfectly in those private moments where you and your loved one want nothing more than to be carried away on each other’s wings. It provides a lot of comfort, and the warmth will always be preserved as long as it touches your bodies. The softness of the cashmere wool from which it is made ensures that it brings nothing but comfort and relaxation to the touch, so you are free to enjoy each other instead of worrying whether or not it will itch of chafe you. It also provides that feeling of safety and security that can please even the most demanding of us, completing the intimate scenery and making sure that the both of you will remain hidden from sight. It can also be worn at public events, and it can in fact adorn and compliment a lot of outfits, giving that extra sparkle of elegance and the little drop of color to your already exquisite outfits. One of the things that you will immediately notice while wearing it outdoors is the fact that it does the job of protecting you from the cold in an exquisite manner, without leaving you exposed to the elements, and constantly protecting you in a fuzzy cocoon of warmth and comfort.
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