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Oyuna Cashmere Throw Uno Melange

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Oyuna Cashmere Throw Uno Melange

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100% cashmere
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About this product
A timeless mainstay of the collection, cashmere purists are drawn to its supreme softness and natural-brushed finish.

• 100% Cashmere
• Natural and soft brushed finish
• Compactly foldable
• Size: 200cm x 145 cm / 78” x 57”
• Weight: 720g
• Colours available: Orange, Blue, Melange
More Information
The Uno Throw is a very nimble and adaptable cashmere blanket that can easily compliment both your wardrobe and yourself, create the best impression and sense of fashion, while providing the warmth that keeps you in a stable comfort zone throughout the day. There are very few things that can describe pure elegance. The Uno Throw Melange is one of these things because of the subtle way in which it manages to compliment even the most difficult of outfits. The very first thing that you will notice about the Uno Throw Melange is the color, that shade of beige that can either blend into some outfits, accentuate others or simply compliment them discretely. Regardless of what you choose to do with it and how you choose to use it, it will always provide that extra bit of elegance and that exquisite presence that you deserve. It is an eye grabber and for good reason, it manages to fit into every single outfit out there, and it can do wonders for the way in which people look at you and notice you from afar. Don’t think, however, that this is just for looks. On the contrary, the Uno Throw Melange is also able to deliver successfully when it comes to comfort. First of all, it is made out of cashmere, this means that it is actually very pleasant to the touch and the fabric itself is an easy one. It will never scratch, itch or chafe you, and it will always caress your body in a relaxing manner. It does not come up short on warmth and protection either. It is able to shield the wearer from the elements successfully and protect against the cold, so besides looking great, you will also feel great while wearing this exquisite Uno Throw Melange. The occasions in which we manage to find an item that can satisfy each and every one of our criteria, are very rare indeed, however the Uno Throw Melange manages to do just that. Elegant through its simplicity, easy to handle and easy to wear, it can be matched and worn with any outfit, it can adorn the wearer’s physique and apparel, it can preserve head and provide a lot of warmth, and it gives that overall sense of comfort, leaving the wearer to enjoy it as much as possible.
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